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Haltech Elite PRO Plug-in ECU (Falcon i6 Barra)

Haltech Elite PRO Plug-in ECU (Falcon i6 Barra)

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Haltech's new Elite Pro Plug-in ECU offers a true Plug'n'Play upgrade option for the popular Ford Falcon BA and BF models. No messy and time-consuming re-wiring required - the Elite Pro Plug-in connects directly to the factory wiring harness and fits perfectly in the factory ECU location. With an on-board wideband controller and sophisticated race functions the Elite Pro Plug-in is one of Haltech's most advanced ECUs to date. Apart from performance-oriented features like closed loop boost control, anti-lag and launch control, short and long term learning for fuel, ignition, boost and idle, the new Elite Pro Plug-in also controls all factory functions including variable cam control, cruise control, dash cluster and even the 6-speed automatic transmission.

Die cast aluminium, water resistant case.

On-board automatic transmission control via CAN (ZF 6HP26).

E85 Flex Fuel ready.

Multi-fuel support. Petrol, Methanol and Ethanol.

Internal single channel wideband (supports LSU4.9 sensor).

Variable cam control.

Cruise control.

OBDII compatible. Set and clear diagnostic trouble codes, view live engine data.

Short and long term fuel, ignition, boost and idle control learning.

Knock control with high speed digital filtering.

Closed loop boost control. Tune by gear, wheel speed or time.

Closed loop idle control with learning for consistent idle stability.

Closed loop 02 control.

Anti-lag and launch control with drag and rally modes.

Multi level engine protection.

ESP calibration software. Intuitive and easy to use, ESP offers limitless tuning flexibility. Tune your engine by a combination of 4D tuning tables combined with 3D per cylinder compensations and multiple user definable corrections

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